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Study Abroad

Students in Latin American studies are encouraged to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, or Mexico, or in other study abroad programs offered by UC San Diego Global Seminars or the Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP). Subject to approval by petition after courses have been completed (based on syllabi and course work); courses taken through EAP/OAP will be accepted for credit toward the major or minor and satisfy language requirements.   

Students interested in studying abroad should see the Latin American Studies Student Affairs Coordinator to discuss their plan of study before they leave. Financial aid can be used for EAP/OAP study, and special study-abroad scholarships are also available. For more information on UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) or UCSD's Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), students should visit the UCSD Programs Abroad website or contact the Programs Abroad Office at (858) 534-1123 or via email at

UCSD offers several ways for students to study abroad:


Julian Padilla Study Abroad Story

How many Study Abroad Courses can I count towards my degree?

  • A maximum of six UCSD upper-division courses can be petitioned for credit toward the major.

  • A maximum of two UCSD upper-division courses can be petitioned for credit toward the minor.

How to Petition Study Abroad Courses?

Upon completion of the course:

1. Wait until the course and the grade has posted to your academic history.

2. Complete an Undergraduate Student Petition. (*Fill out a separate petition for each course that you are petitioning.)

On each petition include the course # (as it appears on TritonLink), course title, # of units, grade received,  quarter/semester the course was taken, the University in which you were enrolled and specify Latin American Studies requirement you want to apply the course toward (e.g. Political Science primary track and Latin America Regional Requirement). Please also sign and date the petition.

Attach all coursework.

  • Required: Syllabus
  • Optional: The purpose of including the coursework is to supplement the syllabus and demonstrate that the course fits in with and supplements the International Studies curriculum.  If they are available to you, along with the syllabus please submit exams, papers, lecture notes and any other material that will supplement the petition.

3. Submit completed petition(s) to your department advisor.