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Visiting Scholars & Visiting Graduate Students (VGS)


All visiting scholars need to have a Faculty Sponsor with whom they will be collaborating during their planned visit. Once the Faculty Sponsor and prospective visiting scholar have agreed on collaboration dates, the Faculty Sponsor will contact the Visiting Scholars coordinator to setup the Departmental Invitation letter (Note: this is not the official UCSD visiting scholar appointment letter outlined below). This letter and the visiting scholar's acceptance is required before the prospective appointment may proceed further. 

Required Documents/Forms

All invited visiting scholars and visiting graduate students must provide the following documentation in order to officially register as a Visiting Scholar/Student at UCSD. Our staff are happy to provide you assistance on general advice and point you to the right resources for your visit. However, it is the visitor's responsibility to learn and understand the rules for maintaining their appointment and/or immigration status. 

For our visitors requiring departmental sponsorship for a DS-2019 to obtain a J-1 visa, the following must be submitted along with the items listed above at least 3 months prior to planned arrival date

Please contact the Visiting Scholar/Visiting Graduate Student coordinator for initial inquiry about the administrative proceedure to plan your visit and submit the requested documents. 

Submit the following documentation to the Latin American Studies program HERE


For more details and updated information about International Visiting Scholars and Visiting Graduate Students (VGS), consult the International Faculty & Scholar Office (IFSO) 

Appointment and Departmental Information

Upon submission of the required documents, the Visiting Scholar/VGS coordinator will contact you with your official appointment letter.

Upon receiving your written acceptance, the Latin American Studies program will submit the necessary DS-2019 application along with the acceptance letter to the International Faculty and Scholars Office (IFSO).  Please allow 10 business days for processing (5 business days if rush fees paid). For additional information, please see IFSO's J-1 Exchange Visitors page