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Graduate Research Projects in Latin American Studies 

Teresa Diaz de Cossio 2023 "Listening to Alida Vázquez Ayala: A life between migration, gender, and electronic music"

Teresa Diaz de Cossio is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Music who conducts research on the work of composer Alida Vázquez Ayala.

Teresa is part of the Tinker grant awardees in Latin American Studies of the year of 2021. 

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Michael Ferrari 2023 "Family Farmers, Solidarity, and Exchange Rate Preferences in Southern Brazil"

Michael Ferrari graduated from a Master degree in Latin American Studies in 2023.

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Thomas Maggiola 2023 "Certain Triumph: The Left and Guatemala's Transnational Civil War 1960-1996"

Thomas Maggiola graduated from a Master degree in Latin American Studies with a concentration in History in 2023.

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Shane Prince 2023 "On Becoming a Migration State: Immigration Control in Small-Island, Decolonized States – The Trinidad and Tobago Case"

Shane Salomon Prince graduated from a Master degree in Latin American Studies with a concentration in Sociology in 2023. 

As a FullBright student Shane performed as a teaching assistant in the Department of Linguistic and Sociology, worked as the Latin American Studies Representative to the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GEPA) and involved himself in memorable events. 

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Shane Prince and Alfred Molina after a dramatique reading of the play by Aeschylus "The Suppliants" about refugees and immigration presented at UC San Diego by the Theater of War Production in February 2023. 

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