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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic advising staff is available in the Latin American Studies Office to provide advice and answers to questions about the undergraduate programs. By consulting with advisors new and current students can obtain answers to policy and procedural questions on a variety of topics, including the following: 

  • Admission to the Undergraduate Majors 
  • Credit for Advanced Placement (AP) Courses 
  • Major Requirements and Courses 
  • Planning Quarterly Course Schedules 
  • Language Requirement  
  • Clearance to Enroll in a Course 
  • Petitions 
  • Incompletes 
  • Course Substitutions 
  • Course Equivalents for Community College or other 4-year University Transfer Courses 

Upon admission to the major, students are required to meet with an undergraduate advisor in the Latin American Studies Office to plan a program of study. The program plan may be revised in subsequent years; however, revisions involving curricular requirements require the approval of an undergraduate advisor. As the department may make course and/or curricular changes periodically, it is important that students consult with an undergraduate advisor on an annual basis. 

Prospective Students  

For questions regarding undergraduate advising, please contact our office via email at 

Visit LAS and UCSD 

We recommend that you:  

Current Students  

For questions regarding undergraduate advising please use Virtual Advising Center 

An advisor will respond to you within 1-3 business days. All questions must be submitted through VAC, not through email. 

*Questions sent through email by current students will be answered. 


One-on-one appointments  

One-on-one appointments can be requested either in person or virtually via Zoom by making a request via the 
Virtual Advising Center  with proposed days and times and preferred method (in-person or remote). 

Please send a message via the Virtual Advising Center with: 

  • Your availability 
  • Type of Appointment (In-person or via Zoom) 

You will receive confirmation and calendar invitation (with a Zoom meeting link, if remote) once scheduled.