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Language Requirement


Spanish/Portuguese Proficiency Requirement 

Most students will fulfill this requirement by completing one of the following courses in Spanish or Portuguese: LTSP 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E or LIPO 1D,1DX,15, 16, 17. 

Additional ways to complete this requirement that will require a petition is:

  • Studying abroad in a Spanish/Portuguese speaking country through a UCSD-approved program.
  • Taking a placement test through the Linguistics department. 
  • Completing your high school education in a Spanish/Portuguese speaking country. 

Contact the Academic Advisor for petitioning information if you plan on using one of these alternate methods. 

Please note:  if you choose to satisfy the foreign language requirement by exam, you must still take either a lower division or upper division course to satisfy the units not received through a language course.