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Latin American Studies Research Grant 

The Latin American Studies Program will issue a maximum of $2,000 in expenses reimbursement to the students of the incoming cohort as a Travel & Field Research Grant. The grant can only be awarded to students whose Master Thesis requires that they perform fieldwork. Completed pre-approval application procedure is required. (see below)

What do I need to do before beginning field work?

What is required:

    • A 750-word typed proposal statement including title of research and a brief description of main topics covered, fieldwork locations, and fieldwork activities. 
    • Brief communications of two UCSD faculty members stating that they have agreed to be your advisors, they have discussed with you your fieldwork plans, and they are confident that you are ready to conduct the fieldwork.
    • Copy of letter from UCSD’s Human Research Protections Program approving the research project or stating that the research project is exempt (IRB workshop hosted in Winter).
    • Completed LAS Pre-Approval Form and Student Certification for Business Form

UC Travel Insurance

UC Travel Insurance

OR, if you go through UCSD travel, coverage enrollment is automatic.

  • ALL must have travel insurance as their regular healthcare coverage will not apply out of the US.
  • Print Ace Insurance / EuropAssist Travel Card Card prior to departure for reference while traveling and is key for emergencies.

IRB Resources

An IRB workshop will be scheduled for MA first year students.

Included is the link for Human Subject Training which is required for all Principal Investigators and study staff.

Required Human Subject training: CITI Training