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All students are permitted to be employed at a maximum of 50% (20 hours per week). 

Exception: If you find employment over 50% you will need approval from the Department Chair in the form of an employment exception letter. 

25% employment as a TA or GSR will cover Registration and Enrollment fees 

(excluding University Center Fee, Recreation Facility Fee, GSE Fee, and Student Transportation fee estimated at $275.62 per quarter) 

TA positions do not cover NRT. 

40 hours a week is considered 100% employment. 

Therefore, a 25% TA/GSR should work an average of 10 hours a week over the course of their appointment, a 50% TA/GSR should work an average of 20 hours a week, etc. 

Grad employmentASES 

All information about the agreement between the Regents of the University of California and the International Unction, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), AFL-CIO Academic Student Employees Unit can be found here.  


International Graduate Students 

International graduate students who are non-native speakers of English must be certified as having requisite language skills before they can serve as teaching assistants (TAs; UC San Diego Graduate Divisionpolicy in compliance with Assembly Concurrent Resolution No.41 . Students may be certified by taking the English Language Certification Exam (ELCE) 

Students who are admitted and have a TOEFL speaking score of 26-30, IELTS speaking score of 8-9, and/or PTE score of 83-90 and 2 will be certified as having the requisite language skillsto serve as Teaching Assistants and are not required to take the ELCE. 

Those students with TOEFL speaking scores of 23 – 25, IELTS speaking scores of 7-7.5, or PTE speaking scores of 65-82 are required to take the English Language Certification Exam (ELCE).  Students who do not pass the English Language Certification Exam are given the opportunity to improve their language skills.  


TA Resources  

The Teaching + Learning Commons  is dedicated to the theory, practice, and scholarship of teaching and learning. Its mission is to advance learning by creating a campus-wide culture of engaged teaching and learning. 

TA/Reader/GSR Current Pay Rate (additional pay rate on top of fees covered for each employed quarter) 

Notify your department of your employment plans. 
If you have not worked at UCSD before, you will need to fill out New Hire paperwork with the department. 

This paperwork requires that you bring in proof of your eligibility to work. 

See page 5 of the I-9 form(PDF) for a list of acceptable documents to establish this. 

New hires should also bring in a voided check to apply for Direct Deposit. 

International students will need to bring in additional documents when filing out New Hire Paperwork. 

First time TAs are required to attend ASE TA Orientation - Dates are distributed by email  


Direct Deposit 

Types of Direct Deposit for Students: 

There are 3 offices on campus that provide direct deposit for graduate students: 

  1. Student Business Services (stipend payments for domestic students) 
  1. Payroll (TA and GSR employment checks) 
  1. (travel and other personal reimbursement) 

Stipend Payments for International Students: 

  • If an international student has a current PPS appointment (GSR, TA, etc.), the stipend payment will be issued according to the direct deposit information in PPS. 
  • If the student does not have a current PPS appointment at the time the title code 3296 appointment is created in PPS, the stipend payment will be issued according to the direct deposit information in Disbursements. 
  • To be on the safe side, an international student may want to sign up for both: 


Tax Information  

The UC San Diego Graduate Division provides useful Tax Information and information on their website.