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New Graduate Student 

New Student Resources  

UCSD New Graduate Student Checklist  

New Latin American Studies Graduate Student  

NEW Graduate Student Orientation  

All new graduate students are invited to attend the Graduate Student Orientation 

Latin American Studies Program Orientation  

We are looking forward to meeting with you. Please check the event calendar.

NEW Academic Student Employee (ASE) Orientation  

REQUIRED for all NEW Instructional Assistants (TAs, readers, and tutors). This is a campus-wide orientation for NEW employees within the Academic Student Employee (ASE) unit who are covered by the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the UAW. During this orientation, the UAW will be provided 30-minutes to present to new Academic Student Employees without the presence of University officials.  This is in lieu of participation by the UAW in any department-wide or hiring unit-wide orientation.  All new Associates In (In lieu of Teaching Assistant), Associates In (Teaching a Class), Teaching Assistants, Readers, and Tutors must attend the New Academic Student Employee (ASE) Orientation