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Graduate Enrollment 

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Please consult the enrollment and registration calendar  

Undergraduate course upgrade 

Graduate students may take up to three upper-level undergraduate courses as elective. If, however, you would like to take an undergraduate class for graduate credit, you can choose to "upgrade" a class. Generally, students are required to attend class, complete assigned readings and complete a graduate level paper at the end of the quarter instead of the undergraduate midterms/finals.

Students must select an undergraduate course on our preapproved list to upgrade. Any courses outside this list must be petitioned beforehand. See the petitions form. 

(see LATI 298)

Directed study course 

Directed Study course is used when an instructor creates an impromptu course that does not exist in the General Catalog and instructs a small group of graduate students. 

LATI 298  

Graduate students can enroll in twoLATI 298s for their MA Program. LATI 298 can be used as an upgrade Undergraduate course offered at UCSD or directed reading.   

Students must demonstrate instructor approval by submitting the LATI 298 Request Form  with the instructor's signature to the LAS Graduate Coordinator before the end of Week 1 of any given quarter. Please note that Associate-Ins are not eligible to teach LATI 298s. 

Once the form is submitted, the Graduate Coordinator will email you the course number for you LATI 298. You will need to log onto WebReg and add the class to complete enrollment. 

Be sure to indicate the course will be 4 units, WebReg defaults to 1 unit. 

Please note to cancel your enrollment to the undergraduate course before enrolling into the upgraded LATI 298 course to avoid a double enrollment of the same course.  

LATI 298 Request Form 

LATI 299 

LATI 299 -Independent Research is a mandatory course for every second-year graduate students. Students can enroll in either one or multiple LATI 299s under different faculty (generally faculty who will be serving on your MA Thesis Committee) in a single quarter. Students assign their own units for each LATI 299, which will reflect the level of work you will be performing under the instructor. Students must maintain their fulltime status by enrolling in a minimum total of 12 units each quarter. 

Once enrollment for the quarter begins, contact the Graduate Coordinator with the instructor you wish to enroll in a LATI 299. It is up to the student to contact the instructor of record prior to the create of the LATI 299 to receive confirmation/permission to work with them. All LATI 299s are taken S/U. 

LATI 299 Request Form 


Petitioning courses to count towards your M.A. program requirements it quite common--most students will require 3 or 4 petitions. 

Petitions must be approved by the director prior to taking the course.  It is up to the director's discretion whether a course will be approved or disapproved.  It is best to know this information before you complete a course.   

Petitions for courses that have at least 50% Latin American content but are not on our approved list of courses will only require that you forward the syllabus to the Graduate Coordinator, who will ensure the petition will be processed.   

Petitions for courses that do not have at least 50% Latin American content yet are still relevant to your research will require you to submit the syllabus and a letter of justification to the Graduate Coordinator.  You may be required to approach the director personally to state your case if the justification is not clear from your letter.  The director may make approval conditional upon completion of the course to review your coursework. 

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