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Brazilian Election Discussion 2022


Dia De Los Muertos 2022

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Robert Castro Chicanx Latinx Studies

Oaxaca Resurgent Alan Shane Dillingham

This open-to-the-public, in-person event is presented by the departments of UC San Diego History, Ethnic Studies, Literature, and the Latin American Studies program, and with the collaboration of the Institute of the Americas.

Oaxaca Resurgent examines how Indigenous people in one of Mexico's most rebellious states shaped local and national politics during the twentieth century. Drawing on declassified surveillance documents and original ethnographic research, A. S. Dillingham traces the contested history of indigenous development and the trajectory of the Mexican government's Instituto Nacional Indigenista, the most ambitious agency of its kind in the Americas. This book shows how generations of Indigenous actors, operating from within the Mexican government while also challenging its authority, proved instrumental in democratizing the local teachers' trade union and implementing bilingual education. Focusing on the experiences of anthropologists, government bureaucrats, trade unionists, and activists, Dillingham explores the relationship between indigeneity, rural education and development, and the political radicalism of the Global Sixties.

By centering Indigenous expressions of anticolonialism, Oaxaca Resurgent offers key insights into the entangled histories of Indigenous resurgence movements and the rise of state-sponsored multiculturalism in the Americas. This revelatory book provides crucial context for understanding post-1968 Mexican history and the rise of the 2006 Oaxacan social movement.

About the author

A. S. Dillingham is a citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and Assistant Professor of History at Arizona State University.



Alan Shane Dillingham   Oaxaca Resurgent Talk

Alan Shane Dillingham Ricardo Dominguez

STEM Plática Series (Latinx Heritage Month 2022) Chicanx Latinx Studies

Welcome Back Reception Chicanx Latinx Latin American Studies

Fall Quarter 2022 Reception to welcome all students, faculty & staff from Latinx Chicanx & Latin American Studies 

Thank you to the Che Cafe Collective & Taco Villa!


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