Current LAS Graduate Students

  • Alvarez, Scott

    Alvarez, Scott

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Latin American Politics and Security Studies

    Hometown: Miami, FL


  • Bingham, Joshua

    Bingham, Joshua

    Second year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Neoliberalism, Globalization, Social Resistance, Immigration

    Hometown: Phoenix, AZ


  • Blair, Addison

    Blair, Addison

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest: 20th Century Politics, Military Dictatorships, History of U.S. -Latin American Relations

    Regional Interest: Brazil 

    Hometown: Spanish Fork, Utah


  • Brennan, Christopher

    Brennan, Christopher

    Graduating Winter 2018

    Research Interests: Urban resistance movements before and after the transition to democracy

    Regional Interest: Chile

    Hometown: San Francisco, CA (Spent previous summer in Santiago, Chile)


  • Bulajic, Nikola

    Bulajic, Nikola

    Graduating Winter 2018

    Research Interest:  Environmental Degradation and Development, Rural Social Movements

    Regional Interest: Brazilian Amazon

    Hometown: Kotor, Montenegro


  • Daigle, Haley

    Daigle, Haley

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Immigration/ international migration

    Hometown: Fort Collins, CO


  • Etlin, Stuart

    Etlin, Stuart

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  History, Culture, Politics, Economics, and Public Policy. LGBTQ rights and realities in Latin America. Spanish languages. 

    Regional Interest: Southern Core

    Hometown: Malibu, CA


  • Garcia Orozco, Itzel

    Garcia Orozco, Itzel

    Graduating Winter 2018

    Research Interest: International migration, education

    Home Town: Mexico City


  • Gomez, Nelly

    Gomez, Nelly

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  International Migration, Latin American Diaspora, and History.

    Hometown: Raleigh, NC


  • Hussak van Velthen Meira, Raduan

    Hussak van Velthen Meira, Raduan

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Politics

    Hometown: Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil 


  • Jennings, Cheyenne

    Jennings, Cheyenne

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest: Education, African dispora in the Caribbean, and resistance movements. 

    Hometown: Worcester, MA


  • Krueger, Remington

    Krueger, Remington

    Leave of Absence 

    Research Interest: Indigenous Agency in Early Colonial Mexico, Classical Nahuatl

    Regional Interest: Mesoamerica, Mexico

    Home Town: Hebron, North Dakota


  • Longley, David

    Longley, David

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest: Colonial legacy in the Caribbean with a focus on race, identity, and power. 

    Hometown: Brunswick, ME


  • Martinez, Bianca

    Martinez, Bianca

    Graduating Winter 2018

    Research Interest: Women, reproductive justice and race relations

    Regional Interest: Caribbean

    Home Town: New York


  • Martinez, Jazmin

    Martinez, Jazmin

    Graduating Spring 2018

    Research Interest: Built environment, cities, identity formations, public art

    Regional Interest: Los Angeles

    Hometown: Ontario, CA 


  • Pena Hernandez, Leslie

    Pena Hernandez, Leslie

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest: Race and ethnic relations, immigration. 

    Hometown: Villa Guerrero, Mexico/ Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico


  • Ruhl, Patrick

    Ruhl, Patrick

    Second year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Contemporary Colombian History and US relations with Latin America

    Regional Interest: Colombia

    Hometown: Bethany Beach, Delaware


  • Sanchez Garcia, Yesenia

    Sanchez Garcia, Yesenia

    Graduating Winter 2018

    Research Interest: International migration, trans-nationalism, social change and immigrant rights movements, immigrants and refugees as agents of change, comparative immigration studies

    Regional Interest: Mexico, Central America 

    Home Town: Jerez, Zacatecas / Franklin Park, IL 


  • Turtletaub, Nancy

    Turtletaub, Nancy

    Second year graduate student

    Research Interest: Conservation and Preservation Movements

    Regional Interest: Southern Cone

    Hometown: Dallas, Texas


  • Valerio, Karen

    Valerio, Karen

    First year graduate student

    Research Interest:  Decolonial Restorative Literature, Migration and Dislocation, Afro-Carribean Diaspora, Critical Race Theory, Post-colonial Feminism. 

    Hometown: Newark, New Jersey and Nagua, Dominican Republic


  • Vazquez, Michael Angel

    Vazquez, Michael Angel

    Second year graduate student 

    Research Interest:  Intersections of education and immigration

    Hometown: Charter Oak, CA


Currently on Leave of Absence

Binkowski, Brooke: Research Interest: Migration, bi-cultural identity, and immigration rights. Email: kbinkows@ucsd.eduCommittee:Nancy Postero (Anthropology), Christine Hunefeldt (History), Guillermo Algaze (Anthropology)

Martinez, Ana Laura: Research Interest: Indigeneity, race in the Americas, and the effects of neoliberalism, Regional Interest: the Americas, Email:

Thurston, Christa: Research Interest: Deportation, Migration Control, Migrant Family Life & Religious Life, Regional Interest: Mexico, US-Mexico Borderlands, Email:

  • Recent Gradautes

    Gabriela Maritza Lopez Alvaro (2017)
    Research Interest:  Educación Popular, Genero y Solidaridad: the experience of empowerment through teaching of 10 Ecuadorean indigenous women from a rural neighborhood in Quito - Ecuador.
    "Ser maestra en Isoloma: un camino de concientización: Gender and Development in Popular Education: The awareness raising and agency experiences of indigenous women from rural Quito – Ecuador"
    Faculty Committee Memebers: Nancy Postero (Anthropology), Abigail Andrews (Sociology), Luz Chung (Education Studies), Rosaura Sanchez (Literature). 

    Courtney Tarrant (2017)
    Research Interest: Policing immigrant communities in San Diego county
    "Local Boundaries of "Illegality": A Case Study of Local and Federal Police Collabroations on Immigration Enforcement"
    Faculty Committee Memebers: David Gutierrez (History), Natalia Molina (History), David Fitzgerald (Sociology)

    Susana Aguilera (2016)
    Research Interest:  Autonomous indigenous policing in Mexico.
    "Security, Autonomy, and Indigenous Justice: The Alternative Security Model of Cheràn Michoacan"
    Faculty Committee Members: Milos Kokotovic (Literature), Max Parra (Literature), Nancy Postero (Anthropology)

    Sara Bivin (2015)
    Research Interest: International Migration and History
    "The Ngabe-Bugle Fight to Maintain Territorial Sovereignty"
    Faculty Committee Members: Leon Zamosc (Sociology), Richard Feinberg (GPS), Christine Hunefeldt, (History), Nancy Postero, (Anthropology)

    Miguel Castañeda (2016)
    Research Interest: Mexican Immigration; History of Civil and Labor Rights Organizing; Chicana and Chicano History  
    Accepted into UCSD PH.D Program in History

    Daniel Gutierrez (2015)
    Research Interest: Critical Urban Theory, Marxism and anarchism, urbanization processes under actually existing neoliberalism   
    "Ciudad de la memoria y ciudad del olvido: Changes in the Everyday Life of Tijuana's Working Class Under Neoliberalism 1964-2014"
    Faculty Committee Members: Rosaura Sanchez, (Literature), Christine Hunefeldt, (History), Curtis Marez, (Ethnic Studies)

    Megan Horton (2015)
    Research Interest: Critical Urban Theory, Marxism and anarchism, urbanization processes under actually existing neoliberalism   
    "Ciudad de la memoria y ciudad del olvido: Changes in the Everyday Life of Tijuana's Working Class Under Neoliberalism 1964-2014"
    Faculty Committee Members: Rosaura Sanchez, (Literature), Christine Hunefeldt, (History), Curtis Marez, (Ethnic Studies)

    Sofia Lana (2016)
    “Women surviving in and out of prison in Quito, Ecuador: weaving alternative lives through the sale of drugs” 
    Faculty Committee Members: Nancy Postero (Anthropology), Leon Zamosc (Sociology), Dennis Childs (Literature) 

    Veronica Noriega Gonzalez (2015)
    Research Interest: International Migration, Mexican immigrant political empowerment
    "Negotiating Formal Membership in Mexico and the United States: The case of Federations of Mexican Hometown Associations in Los Angeles County"
    Faculty Committee Members: David Fitzgerald, Sociology, Steven Erie, Political Science, David Gutierrez, History

    Lupita Ruiz-Tolento (2016)
    Research Interest: Rural political participation in Mexico's 2015 legislative elections
    "The Dynamism of Small Spaces: Trends and Patterns of Political Participation and Engagement in the Municipality of Villamar, Michoacán"
    Faculty Committee Members: Christine Hunefeldt (History, Chair), Scott Desposato (Political Science), Max Parra (Literature)

    Areli Palomo Contereas (2016)
    "Friendly Mistrust: Coping with the Rule of Gangs in a Salvadoran Community"
    Faculty Committee Members: Elana Zilberg (Comm), David Fitzgerald (Sociology), David Pedersen (Anthropology)

    Claudia Vizcarra (2015)
    Research Interest: Latin American Philosophy and Cultural Studies     
    "The Globalization of Knowledge Productions: Comparison of UNAM and UCSD’s Philosophy Departments and Their National Communities"
    Faculty Committee Members: John Blanco, Literature, Jaime Concha, Literature, Daphne Taylor-Garcia, Ethnic Studies

    Weijun Yuan (2016)
    Research Interest: Social movements, civil-military relations
    “State Responses and Protest Tactics: The Case of the Chilean Student Movements“
    Faculty Committee Members: Leon Zamosc (Sociology), Daniel Hallin (Communications), Peter Smith (Political Science)
    *Attending Pittsburg University Ph.D program in Sociology