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Minor in Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies minor allows students to explore interdisciplinary approaches to the study of an important region of the world while pursuing a major in an academic discipline.

Minor Requirements 

A total of 7 classes (28 units) are required to complete the minor in Latin American Studies, 5 of which (20 units) must be upper-division. These courses need to be approved Latin American Studies classes in the humanities and social sciences. All courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must earn at least a C- in each course counted toward the major, with the sole exception of LATI 199.


  • LATI 50: Introduction to Latin America (4 units)
  • Foreign Language Proficiency: Students can fulfill this requirement through a placement test, studying abroad in a UCSD-approved program, or completing one (4 units) of the following courses in Spanish or Portuguese Literature:
    • LTSP 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, or2E
    • LIPO 1D/1DX, 15, 16, or 17
Please note, the courses listed above do not include the additional course work that may be need to meet the language proficiency. If you choose to satisfy the language requierment through exam and not a language course, you will still need to make up the units (4 units) through either a lower division or upper division course. Language exams waive the foreign language requierment, they do not waive unit requierments.  


  • Two of the following core courses: (8 units)
    • HILA 102: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
    • SOCI 188D: Latin America: Society & Politics
    • POLI 146A: US-Latin America: Political/Economics Relations
    • LTSP 133: Contemporary Latin American Literature 
    • LATI 150: Digital Oral History in Latin America (NEW WI21)
  • LATI 180: Special Topics in Latin American Studies (4 units)
  • Two elective courses from the list of approved Latin American Studies Courses. See LAS General Catalog for more details. (8 units)

Degree Check

Degree Check:

Minor in Latin American Studies