Latin American Studies Courses at UCSD

The links below contain courses at UCSD that are approved to satifsy the requirements of the Latin American Studies programs.

The lists are dynamic and subject to on-going revisions. In order to find out if a course will be offered during a particular quarter or year, check the department's website.

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Important Note: Courses not included in these lists may be considered for credit if they contain sufficient Latin American content. Contact the Students Affairs Officer with any questions about course offerings or petitioning courses.

Courses Offered by the Latin American Studies Program:


LATI 10. Reading North by South: Latin American Studies and the US Liberation Movements. The purpose of this class is to study the multilayered relations between Latin American Studies and US Liberation movements, particularly Third World movements, the Chicano Movement, the Black Liberation Movement, the Indigenous Movement, Human Rights activism, and Trans-border activism. 

LATI 50. Introduction to Latin America (4): Interdisciplinary overview of society and culture in Latin America—including Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America: legacies of conquest, patterns of economic development, changing roles of women, expressions of popular culture, cycles of political change, and U.S.–Latin American relations.

LATI 180. Special Topics in Latin American Studies (4):  Readings and discussion of substantive issues and research in Latin American studies. Topics may include the study of a specific society or a particular issue in comparative cross-national perspective. Topics will vary from year to year. Prerequisites: LATI 50 or permission of instructor, upper-division standing.

LATI 190. Senior Seminar (4): Research seminar on selected topics in the study of Latin America; all students will be required to prepare and present independent research papers. (Honors students will present drafts of senior research theses, of no less than fifty pages in length; non-honors students will present final versions of analytical papers of approximately twenty-five to forty pages in length). Prerequisites: satisfactory completion of LATI 50 and a working knowledge of Spanish.


Graduate Courses:

LATI 200. Core Seminar on Interdisciplinary Research and Methodology in Latin American Studies (4)

A team-taught course wherein members of the faculty group in Latin American Studies present diverse disciplinary and thematic approaches to the region. Topics vary from year to year. Grades are based on discussions and on a series of analytical papers. Prerequisites:enrollment in the master’s degree program in Latin American Studies or permission of instructor.