Language Course Options in Latin American Studies

Language courses may be taken toward the language proficiency requirement. These courses do NOT count toward the course requirements for Latin American Studies degrees.


First Year Spanish
LISP 1A/1AX, B/X, C/X, D/X Conversation/Analysis of Spanish
(LISP 1D is not recommended for students planning on taking LTSP 2A)
LISP 15 Intermediate Spanish for the Social Sciences
LIDS 19 Directed Study (self-instruction)-Spanish

First Year Portuguese
LIPO 1A/1AX,1B/1BX,1C/1CX, 1D/1DX Conversation/Analysis of Portuguese


Second Year Spanish and beyond
LTSP 2A Readings and Composition
LTSP 2B Readings and Interpretations
LTSP 2C Cultural Readings and Composition
LTSP 2D Advanced Grammar and Composition - for native speakers to become biliterate
LTSP 21 Debating Spanish Literature and Cultural Issues I
LTSP 31 Debating Spanish Literature and Cultural Issues II
LTSP 41 Spanish Orthography Workshop

IR/PS Language Program*

International Relations and Pacific Studies Offers:

IRLA 405, 410, 415 First Year Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
IRLA 425, 430, 435 Second Year Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

IRLA 403, 423, 443, 463, 483 Spanish language proficiency

*Approval from IR/PS is required to enroll in these language courses.

Current Courses