Minor in Latin American Studies

The Latin American Studies minor allows students to explore interdisciplinary approaches to the study of an important region of the world while pursuing a major in an academic discipline.

Minor Requirements 

A total of 7 classes (28 units) are required to complete the minor in Latin American Studies, 5 of which (20 units) must be upper-division. These courses need to be approved Latin American Studies classes in the humanities and social sciences. All classes need to be taken for a letter grade and satisfactorily completed.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade and students must earn at least a C- in each course counted toward the major, with the sole exception of LATI 199.


  • LATI 50: Introduction to Latin America
  • Spanish Proficiency: Students can fulfill this requirement through a placement test, studying abroad in a UCSD-approved program, or completing one of the following courses in Spanish or Portuguese Literature:
    • LTSP 2C, 2D, 2E
    • LIPO 15, 16, 17


  • Two of the following courses:
    • HILA 102: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
    • SOCI 188D: Latin America: Society & Politics
    • POLI 146A: US-Latin America: Political/Economics Relations
    • LTSP 133: Contemporary Latin American Literature 
  • LATI 180: Special Topics in Latin American Studies
  • Two elective courses from the list of approved Latin American Studies Courses. See LAS courses offered.