Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies

Major Requirements 


  • LATI 50: Introduction to Latin America
  • Spanish Proficiency: Students can fulfill this requirement through a placement test, studying abroad in a UCSD-approved program, or completing one of the following courses in Spanish or Portuguese Literature:
    • LTSP 2C, 2D, 2E
    •  LIPO 15, 16, 17


  • Three of the following courses:
    • HILA 102: Latin America in the Twentieth Century
    • SOCI 188D: Latin America: Society & Politics
    • POLI 146A: US-Latin America: Political/Economics Relations
    • LTSP 133: Contemporary Latin American Literature
  • LATI 180: Special Topics in Latin American Studies
  • LATI 190: Senior Seminar
  • One Research Methods Elective courses from approved list. See LAS Method courses offered.
  • Six elective courses** from the list of approved Latin American Studies Courses, from at least three different departments. See LAS courses offered.

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Honors Program

The Latin American Studies Program offers an Honors Program to those students who have demonstrated excellence in the Latin American Studies Major. Successful completion of the Honors Program enables the student to graduate "With Highest Distinction," "With High Distinction," or “With Distinction," depending upon their performance in the program.

To receive honors, a student must:

  • Satisfy all lower-division requirements of the major program.
  • Complete 36 of the upper-division units.
  • Complete 12 units in a three-course sequence in the senior year consisting of LATI 199: Individual Study, LATI 190: Senior Seminar, and LATI 191: Honors Seminar.
  • Produce an original thesis based on primary research under the direction of a mentor selected from the Latin Americanist faculty and defend this thesis during the Spring Quarter before an interdisciplinary faculty committee.
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.5 in the major.

Click here for more information on the Honors Program and Application.

Please view our Four-Year Plan to help define your study plan. The plan should be used in combination with the general education requirements from your college. Please be aware that some courses are only offered once each year.

Students are encouraged to complete the lower-division prerequisites before they enroll in upper-division courses.