Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes are required for a Latin American Studies Major and Minor?

A total of 14 courses are required for the major; two lower-division courses and twelve upper-division courses related to Latin American Studies.

A total of 7 courses are required for the minor; two lower-division courses and five upper-division courses related to Latin American Studies.  Please note, that this does not inquire the additional course work that may need to be completed to meet the language requirement.

What grading options can I use when taking courses for the Major or Minor?

All courses for the Latin American Studies major or minor must be taken for a letter grade. The exception: LATI 199, which can only be taken ‘P/NP’, can be applied to the major/minor. Please view our Special Programs for more information on LATI 199.

How can I fulfill my Spanish Proficiency requirement?

Most students will fulfill this requirement by completing one of the following courses in Spanish or Portuguese: LTSP 2C, 2D, 2E or LIPO 15, 16, 17.

Additional ways to complete this requirement that will require a petition it is by studying abroad in a Spanish/Portuguese speaking country through a UCSD-approved program, taking a placement test through the Linguistics, or completing your high school education in a Spanish/Portuguese speaking country. Please contact the Academic Advisor for petitioning information if you plan on using one of these alternate methods.

What are my chances of getting into a course if I am on the wait list?

Since the waitlist is automated, there is no way for the Program to know your chances of getting into a class. It is highly recommended you enroll in a back-up course in case you are not added. Tritonlink and the waitlist are no longer working after the end of week 2, so if you were not added from the waitlist by that time, you are no longer considered to be on the waitlist.

What if I find a course with Latin American content that is not on the approved course list?

As an interdisciplinary program there is a possibility that there may be a course with Latin American content offered through a department that is not on the approved course list. Should you wish to take a course outside of the approved course list, please contact the Latin American Studies Program before the quarter begins for petitioning information.

If I am seriously ill and cannot take my final, what should I do?

Contact your professor as soon as possible to discuss the options that they will allow. If your professor agrees to let you take an Incomplete in the course, a Request for Incomplete form must be processed prior to the end of finals week. If you are unable to fill out the Incomplete form, you may ask your professor to generate the form on your behalf. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their professor the following quarter, to see when and how the work should be completed. Failure to do so will result in an F grade for the course.

What should I do if I do not receive a grade in a course that I attended?

Contact the professor as soon as possible to see why you did not receive a grade. In most cases, it is a simple clerical error that requires your professor to generate the appropriate form to assign your grade. Please note that blank grades will default to an F/NP if it is not assigned a grade by the end of the next quarter.